Here's a beaver I found in my backyard this summer. It kept swiming in circles flaping its tail till I left but it was a pretty good time watching it.
January Auroras. Just after the new year we got some cooler stuff and I ventured out onto the ski trails for a new view. Found some things I liked.
In April I went up north with WERC for the annual spring snow surveys. One of the major treats was cruising through ANWR and the Brooks Range looking for sampiing locations.
This past October I went on an extended tour of the southern Seward Peninsula. This is the view of Norton Sound from Elim
Some small flowers I saw out with Jessie on the 4th of July weekend.
A cute little ground squirrel
A tweety bird we saw on the Denali Highway Trip
A treed porcupine I saw when driving the car on the Denali Highway bike trip
A cool stretch of River on the Little Su River (I think) outside Palmer in near Hatcher Pass
More from my favorite beaver family
The coast of Elim again
The view from a great hike up in the Kigluaiks Anna and I went on in October on our way to a weather station we have up there.