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Sunday I woke up about 4am (unintenionally, I normally wouldn't be caught dead waking up that early) and the sun was just coming up. The mountains of the Alaska Range to the south were all pink so I knew it was time for Bergey and I to head up Donnely Dome. This is the view partway up. On the side I went up and down on the trail is just a general idea. Nothing really concrete. Consequently I made my own way up dragging Bergey along. She had all the energy this morning. Just as I was about to let her loose she went crazy tugging me to chase down four ptarmigan that waddled out of her range. Dumb little birds. But, I guess other people have concluded the same thing. Anyway this is the Richardson Highway, Donnelly Dome, the Delta River and the Alaska Range. Someplace in there should be the pipeline, too but I can't see it.