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Well, the plan for this weekend was for Bergey and I to hike up and see the Castner Glacier. However, after getting to the end of the road that gets you part of the way to the glacier I came up on two trucks. So, I left that hike for another weekend. We ended up heading down to Paxson and out on the Denali Highway that links Paxson and Cantwell in the West. I was basically just looking for any ol' place to hike but I remembered there were lots of trails along the road. So, here we are at the glacier lake trail. The guide at the entrance warns of lots of water... they weren't kidding. About a quarter of a mile along the trail was a creek... 15 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. So, that was the end of that hike. On the way back though Bergey spotted a ground squirrel and chased it to its hole. Here she is trying to find it. Sneaky ground squirrel, while Bergey was busy here I watched him come out another hole and run in the direction we'd just come from. It was funny. Straight out of Wild America or some other wildlife show.