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This is just down from the Canyon. We didn't put in right here, just below here, but the river narrows just below here and the velocity goes way up. There are lots of big drops and rocks. Henry had a couple good jumps on this section. The best was probably just before we hit a cataraft (a catamaran raft) We were in some fast water and we got parallel with the raft. As Kelly hauled the poor puppy back into the canoe I and a guy from the cataraft were busy separating the two boats. He jumped in the water and pushed us to the side while I low braced and swept like crazy. It was an exciting moment, when he jumped and we hit the cataraft I watched our gunwale go even with the water surface and then back up. It should be no surprise that we stopped to drain the canoe four times on our way through the rapids. However, despite the close calls we never got in so crazy that we rolled or flipped the canoe. Phew!