First Quarter 2012

Oh to be more original..

Well, it’s been a quiet winter.  Picked up a snow bike and that’s been fun.  We finally got out sledding last weekend which was awesome.  Tolovana might not have worked out but we’ll take what we can get.

So the first couple pictures, I’ve been biking to and from work as often as I’m able this winter.  Coldest was -35F but most of the time it was more pleasant of course.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the bike stereo project but I’m on to version two.  Despite the noise of the snow I was still able to soak up the tunes to and from campus for most of the winter.  That picture of the bike laying down in the snow is from up the trail behind the house a ways.  The overflow ice was only like liquid like that a couple times this winter but a pretty fun trick riding over it.  Pretty much do it as you’d imagine, pick a high gear and spin the pedals slowly.  Try to be deathly still and then hopefully no falling over…..

Also just wrapped up, ice classic predictioning. The models were all over the map this year but hopefully we guess right on the money despite!


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