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This is our newest station. It's on Kokolhenik Bar on the Copper River delta. I'm not to sure about the spelling. Generally, I've made sure when I pronounce it I start with a K sound and end with an "eenie" or "eenik" and people seem to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, this is another funny station because we're putting it in when it's already way closer to the water than Grass Island was. If you don't know what happened to Grass Island check out the grass island pictures in the Prince William Sound Work album. Basically, it started out up in the sea grass and by January it was in the inter-tidal zone being washed out to sea. I pulled most of the gear in January but apparently it's still standing, just a little further down the inter-tidal. But, basically, this station is already in the upper intertidal and we're installing equipment here, not removing it. So, we'll see how it goes. One cool thing about this place is that it was far enough East that we could see Kayak Island on the horizon. That's the new place I want to go to. Search on the internet for Elias Lighthouse and Kayak Island for some pretty cool pictures of the island. Very Rugged.
The other thing about this station, we went out there with 3 cans of pop, 4 granola bars, and no breakfast for a whole day of working. Do to poor timing the grocery store closed before we got there so it was starvation central when we put the station up. Not exactly my preferred time for a day of fasting. To make things more interesting the beach was soft making airplane landings marginal and in the middle of the day it was gusting to 40 at the station. But, by the time low tide rolled around in the evening things had died down a bit and we got out of there just fine.