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Well, there was a problem at this station. I knew there was a problem, just didn't know what was broken. I thought it was the data logger. Silly me. So, after swapping out the data logger and undoing all of the wiring and putting it on a new wiring panel to go with the new data logger a quick call to Mike on the cell phone jogged my memory and it turned out the air temperature sensor was the crux of the problem. For those wanting to play sherlockholms here are your clues:
1) The data logger is recording all sorts of funny values
2) Measuring the sensor voltages the air temperature sensor is reading about 5volts.
If you guess that the bad data values are due to the overranging errors being caused by the bad sensor then you win a prize. From Fairbanks I thought for sure the data logger was the problem. Oh well, so now there's a future trip back to the big rock for me to put in a new air temperature sensor. This one was fried probably from salt spray and also a bunch of little flies living inside the radiation shield. Details...