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This past weekend Saturday Gary, Bergey and I hiked up to Wickersham Dome North of Fairbanks in or near the White Mountains. It was a pleasant hike, the temperature was in the high 60s / low 70s which I was quite happy to be hiking in. The hike to Wickersham Dome is a relatively short four miles however, the trail system up there in the white mountains probably goes for hundreds of miles. The small detail is that many of the trails are winter only as they cross bogs and the bugs must be horrendous through there. So, we just went to this Dome. Here Bergey's busy coming back from a rock chasing expedition. She'll chase them as far as you can throw. The asterisk there's not much chance of her first finding the right rock / stick / etc. and even less chance that she'll bring it back unless it's a ball. So, she spent the afternoon running all over this big rock pile. It was enough to wear her out so once we got back to the truck she curled up in a ball out on the grass and went right to sleep. Pretty nice hike though. The only thing is there isn't that much to see really. It's pretty much all low rolling hills through this area but I don't know, still something nice about being up on top of that dome. The other cool thing is that the flowers are out and so it smells like a flower shop on the whole trail. Actually it's been like that for the past few hikes I've been on. The previous weekend, too.