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So, after doing Wickersham Dome it was time to head South. I kind of decided on the Wickersham dome trail that I would go hiking again on Sunday. Since Sunit and his family had done Donnelly Dome a couple weekends ago I thought I would give that a try. It's south of Delta Junction and the last time I was there was several winters ago when Kim, an old roommate and I tried snowshoeing up it during a low snow year... we took the shoes off partway up. Anyway, on the way down I left Fairbanks which was nice and hot for Delta Junction which was rainy. Where the two weather patterns met was this cool rainbow that followed me for a few miles. I couldn't believe how bright it was. Not only that but below the inner violet band were duplicated blue, green, and violet bands. They repeated three or four times. Totally special. I was in for a real treat. The rainbows were really bright, I saw a double rainbow and...